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Cultural Rhetorics: Embodied Rhetorics, Fall 2014 – Trixie Smith

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Chicanx Rhetorics

By Les Hutchinson and Santos F. Ramos

This three-four week module is designed for a graduate-level History of Rhetoric course that looks at the history through a cultural rhetorics position(s). By emphasizing a decolonial approach to the history of rhetoric, the module covers three major foci of Chicanx rhetoric: the rhetorics of colonization, rhetorics of Indigenous Mexican autonomy and the Zapatistas, and the rhetorics of the borderlands. Each pod within the module addresses these rhetorical approaches through engagement with many different kinds of texts that recognizes the cultural texts of Indigenous peoples as legitimate sources.

Plans and Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals and Planned Readings

Some Readings

Julie A. Bokser “Sor Juana’s Rhetoric of Silence”

Josue David Cisneros “Reclaiming the Rhetoric of Reies Lo´ pez Tijerina: Border Identity and Agency in ‘The Land Grant Question’”

Fernando Pedro Delgado Chicano movement rhetoric: An ideographic interpretation

Ronald Loewe “Euphemism, Parody, Insult, and Innuendo: Rhetoric and Ethnic Identity at the Mexican Periphery”

Mark Noe “The Corrido: A Border Rhetoric”

Cristina Ramírez “Claiming the Discursive Self: Mestiza Rhetorics of Mexican Women Journalists, 1876-1924”